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The Excursion-mass Department | Тұңғыш Президенттің тарихи-мәдени орталығы

The Excursion-mass Department

The Excursion-mass Department

The Staff
Head of Department- Orazymbetov Q. Y.
Guides-Tynybek Q., Alidodova F.
The Museum keepers-Boldyreva I, Beketbaeva D.

The Department educational and outreach activity is aimed at formation of the visitors moral, aesthetic and cultural potential. The main purpose and its main task is the implementation of intergenerational continuity, preservation of spiritual culture of our country.
One of the most basic forms of education is excursion activity. The tours have different information saturation on the age categories of visitors. The Center expositions provide the availability and simplicity of information perception and guide story includes seen items in a wider information context passed to verbally. In turn, verbal information is enhanced by the formation of particular substantive image the phenomena of the excursion. Creating the tour text requires from employees not only serious training, but also an immense erudition, as well as the ability to work with a wide range of information, which is achieved through continuous training.
Unique language policy of Kazakhstan, meaning knowledge of the Kazakh, Russian and English is a way of consolidating the Kazakhstan people and the possibility of its integration into the world community. English in the world today is of global significance, both in business, and in everyday conversation. In accordance with the trilingual policy the employees of the Department carry out excursions in Kazakh, Russian and English.
Educational activity
The staff of the excursion-mass department conduct the training seminars aimed at training, giving participants the opportunity to master the tools for organizing and conducting of the tours to reflect modern trends and requirements. Educational methodology combines the expertise and creativity of the guide for the design and implementation of the excursion programs.

The department specialists apply innovative working methods-excursions with elements of the game, theatre, master-classes, museum holidays, festivals, presentations, conferences, quizzes, creative meetings. An integral part of the Excursion-mass Department is to conduct thematic activities aimed at job with the fact the audience. Such events allow to elaborate on any major historical events or simply significant to the town in an easy, entertaining way. Conducting these activities the Department staff using interactive technology, various movies and photos to attract creative teams to participate, invite interesting people, thus involving visitors in direct contact with the historical and social context. Socially oriented museum educational events are designed into account age, education, social and professional status of the target audience.
Travel services to visitors
In the framework of the world exhibition EXPO-2017 Astana was developed the tourist route of Temirtau cultural monuments, related to the biography of the Head of State, as well as historical events from different years. It includes such important facilities, as a giant of heavy industry-JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau (former Karaganda metallurgical industrial complex), the monument to Temirtau warriors, who died during the Great Patriotic War, the old part of the town, providing ample evidence of Temirtau construction during the war years, Karaganda State industrial University, the Monument to Metallurgists. The tour is a chronicle of the town of the First President-since the origin to the newest pages in its history.

Individual visit
Preschool children (up to 5 years) free
For pupils 1 ticket 100-00
For students 1 ticket 150-00
For adults 1 ticket 250-00
For foreign visitors 1 ticket 400-00

Collective visits
Guide work with school students group of up to 20 people 500-00
Guide work with students group of up to 20 people 500-00
Guide work with adults group of up to 20 people 500-00
Guide work with foreign visitors group of up to 20 people 600-00

Veterans of war, labor veterans and home front, supporters of the President,
orphans, children from low-income families,
children under guardianship for free

Joint activities with organizations
Conference Hall
-during the summer period (from 16.04-at 14.10) 28570-00
1 event
-during the winter period (from 15.10-at 15.04) 47700-00

Movie-lecture Hall
-during the summer period (from 16.04-at 14.10) 34625-00
1 event
-during the winter period (from 15.10-at 15.04) 57750-00

The photographing your camera in the Center 700