Department of excursion and mass work

Department staff:

The head of the department – Baskarbaeva E.A.;

Museum guides – Shonkabayeva A.A., Denisov V.V.;

Museum curators – Kordabaeva M.T., Gabdulkhakova S.R.

The work of excursion and mass department is aimed at cultural and educational activities. The main purpose of all events that are held is the formation of spiritual, ethical, cultural potential of visitors and instill patriotic and moral values in them.

Cultural and educational activities

One of the main forms of work of the department is excursion activities, the purpose of which is to convey reliable information to visitors and reveal the historical value of the existing exhibits of the Center.

Department staff holds the guided tours in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

Excursions have different information content, depending on the age categories of visitors.

Department staff systematically holds events for educational institutions: museum lessons, developing games, intellectual quizzes, creative meetings, master-classes, panel discussions and dialogue sites.