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Kazakhstan's way | Тұңғыш Президенттің тарихи-мәдени орталығы

Kazakhstan’s way

The path to independence was long and tortuous. December 6, 1991 Kazakhstan adopted the constitutional law on the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During this period there have been large-scale public transformation: established 2-piece Chamber Parliament, a new capital, created its own judicial system, the armed forces, Republican Guard, the border troops and the Navy. Kazakhstan has become the leading State in the CIS and Eastern Europe to attract foreign investment.

Kazakhstan’s foreign policy is aimed at achieving the safeguards the sovereignty and independence of our State. To establish friendly relations with foreign countries held a huge productive work. More than 120 countries have officially recognized and established diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a proud and active member of the UN, as well as strengthening its cooperation with the most influential international organizations: European Union, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), IAEA, the Red Cross, UNICEF and UNESCO. Today we can say with certainty – Kazakhstan became famous on the international scene and has taken a worthy place among the world’s economic systems. Provided by the exposition reveals the most important and striking moments in the recent history of Kazakhstan.
In the center of the hall there is a bas-relief, symbolizing the history of Kazakhstan – from the first cave paintings to the present day. Centre for artistic composition is a fragment of the sculptural Ensemble “Kazak Eli”, symbolizing the desire of kazakhstans towards the further development and prosperity. 25 years is a brief moment, but for a young nation it is time to maturity. Period of independence is rich with radical changes and developments. For a quarter-century of independence has changed the appearance of the country. The visitors of the Center will be see achievements and accomplishments to through an interactive map.
Every year is a series of important events, the Chronicle of Independence. The interactive panels can get to the visitors the information on the most significant dates in the political, economic and socio-cultural life of sovereign Kazakhstan.