Kazakhstan way

A way to Independence was long and thorny. On the 6th of December 1991 in Kazakhstan a constitutional law on independence of Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted. During this period significant changes in the state were held: 2-chamber parliament, the new capital, its own judicial system, the Armed Forces, the Republic Guard, border troops and the Navy were established. Kazakhstan became a leading state among the CIS countries and Eastern Europe in attracting foreign investments.

Foreign policy is aimed at achieving sovereignty guarantee and independence of our state. A fruitful work was done to establish friendly relationships with foreign countries. More than 120 officially accepted and established diplomatic relationships with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a full-right and active member of the United Nations (UN), it strengths collaboration with the most influential international organizations: European Union, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, International Monetary Fund, International Atomic Energy Agency, the Red Cross, UNICEF, UNESCO. The presented exhibition reveals the most important and striking moments in the modern history of Kazakhstan.

In the center of the hall there is a bas-relief symbolizing the history of Kazakhstan – from the first rock paintings to the present days. The center of artistic composition is a fragment of sculptural ensemble Qazaq Eli, which is a symbol of desire for further development and prosperity, expressed by people in Kazakhstan.

Period of independence is rich in drastic changes and events. Over the quarter century of independence, the face of the country has changed. Visitors of the Center will be able to get acquainted with the successes and achievements thanks to an interactive map.

Every year is a series of important events, a chronicle of independence. On interactive panels, visitors can get acquainted with information on the most significant dates in the political, economic and socio-cultural life of sovereign Kazakhstan.