Sports Hall of Fame

The idea of creating of a new exhibition hall originated in 2019, it began to be actively implemented in 2020. Initially, the exhibition hall consisted of photographs of outstanding Kazakhstani sportspeople – the winners of Olympic games in London.

In 2020, the hall was supplemented with paraphernalia of sport school Legion by Karagandy sportsman Sergei An, sport cups of Soviet times, on which a scientific study was conducted and according to its results, an educational video about the origin and development of hockey in Temirtau, the construction of the Ice Sports Palace was shot.

The Sports Hall of Fame contains various sports equipment – an arm-wrestling machine, a punching bag and gloves, a barbell once made at a metallurgical plant, a bicycle of the champion of the XXX Summer Olympic Games A. Vinokurov, tights of the famous weightlifter, four-time world champion Ilya Ilyin, sports bow 1989 and so on. There are photographs of famous sportspeople of the country, winners of the Olympic games, world championship and famous coaches of our city, who have trained more than one generation of champions in various sports.

Currently, the exhibition is being actively updated with new photographs of athletes of our city and the Karaganda region – winners at international sports competitions and championships, as well as items of sports paraphernalia and sports awards received by athletes of the city and region in different years.

The exhibition hall has a corner dedicated to honorary citizen of the city, veteran of the integrated plant, master of sports in weightlifting, world champion in professional powerlifting Isakov Aitzhan for great contribution to the promotion of sports and increasing the sports glory of the city of Temirtau.

Currently, the Sports Hall of Fame is one of the permanent exhibition halls of the Center of the First President. The bright and colorful hall often hosts various events, including sports events, such as “Asyk atu”.