In the flow of time

At the times when the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was the sole ideological inspirer of socio-political and social processes in the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev was elected secretary of the Temirtau city Komsomol committee.

It was the beginning of political career of young Nursultan Nazarbaev, shorty he was elected as a party secretary at the enterprise by metallurgists of the integrated plant. Due to his managerial and personal qualities N.A.Nazarbaev, entered the highest echelon of governing structures of Kazakh SSR.

According to 1990 election results, by a majority of votes N.A.Nazarbaev was elected the President of Kazakh SSR, and since the first days of being at the head of the state, Nursultan Abishevich, showing  weighty approach and political intuition, had been taking all efforts for establishment of the young state in the most difficult social and economical, geopolitical conditions.

The showcases present photomaterials and documents, active political activities of the First President. Exhibition stands have documents relating to different years of activity of the First President, which have been prepared by research staff of the Center based on study and search in the archives of Temirtau, Karagandy and Almaty.

There are models of a Palace of Culture and Technology, VTUZ (Higher Technical University), a swimming pool Dolphin (now it is being called Zhastar), a monument dedicated to Samarkand soldiers, who died in the years of the Great Patriotic War (World War II). Visitors of the Center are able to keep track of chronology of certain political events.