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The Personality Phenomenon | Тұңғыш Президенттің тарихи-мәдени орталығы

The Personality Phenomenon

Launch pad in the career of the President of Kazakhstan has become Kazakhstan Magnitka, which in the late 50-ies attracted the most energetic young kazakhstans. Among the thousands of young builders and metallurgists who arrived in Temirtau, having the opportunity to show here their spirit and character, the flamboyant eccentric personality of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, his tenacity and perseverance, increased demands on yourself, the tireless thirst for new, the ability to bring the case to the end, identified young metallurgist features a leader that has a great future.

“History of Magnitka, history of Temirtau, fate of people is inseparable from my fate. If in my life there was not Magnitka and Temirtau, I would never become President”,-said Nursultan Nazarbayev during his visit in Temirtau.
In April 1958 the XIII Congress of Komsomol declared Kazakhstan Magnitka all-Union main construction. In the beginning 60-ies Temirtau was a large construction site where young builders outline the contours of the future town. There were new streets and avenues – Lenina, Mira, Stroiteley, Komsomolsky. Pictures tale about the construction of the largest metallurgical enterprises. In the hall there is a poster stand with posters, newspapers of the 50-ies of the last century. A special place here takes the newspaper “Socialist Karaganda” with the article “Nursultan – working person”. Also in the showcases are presented the recreational items of Kazakhstan Magnitka builders: chess, that Nazarbayev and his potluck bought fellow; dombra, garmon and photo album.

In 1962 Nazarbayev creates family. In the electronic context there are the pictures of the young family, student period, with colleagues at work and study. On the screen shows the video on the construction of the Kazakhstan Magnitka and the formation of the iron and steel industry of Kazakhstan as a whole.
July 3, 1960 the blast furnace of the steel mill produced the first Kazakhstans cast iron; this date becomes the birthday of Karaganda metallurgical industrial complex. In the showcase there are the first Kazakhstan ingot cast iron, special edition of the newspaper “Leninskaya Smena” telling about a landmark event. Also visitors can see the hearth of a blast furnace special costume – it is sewn from thick felt-felt and flashed a reinforced threads.