Personality phenomenon

In April 1958, the XIII Congress of the Komsomol declared Kazakhstan Magnitka the All-Union priority Komsomol construction site of the country. The launching pad in the career of the First President of Kazakhstan was the Kazakhstan Magnitka, which construction attracted many energetic young people from all over the Soviet Union in the late 50s. Temirtau in the early 60s is a big construction site, where new streets, avenues were being constructed as well as houses, schools, hospitals, cultural and social facilities.

Photographs in the showcases tell about the construction of the largest metallurgic enterprise. There is a poster board with posters of 50s that date back to the last century. Also in the showcases there are leisure items: chess, bought together by Nazarbayev and his fellow students, a dombra, an accordion and a photo album from 1958.

On the 3rd of July, 1960 a blast furnace of metallurgical integrated plant produced the first Kazakhstani cast iron, this date became the birthday of Karagandy metallurgical integrated plant. The showcase presents the first cast iron ingot, an emergency issue of newspaper Leninskaya Smena (Lenin’s shift) telling about a remarkable event.

Screens show video chronicles about the construction of Kazakhstan Magnitka and formation of ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan.

«The history of Magnitka and Temirtau, a fate of people are inseparable from my own fate. If Magnitka and Temirtau had not been in my life, I would never have been a president» – said Nursultan Abishevich during his visit to Temirtau.