Department of Research and Exhibition Support

Department staff:

The head of the department – Isina Z.U.;

Methodologist – Kutlueva V.V.;

Researchers – Orazymbetov K.I., Dykhanbaeva L.T.

The work of department includes the following fields:

  1. Research work in the archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. Exhibition work. Involving cultural and artistic figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation at the city, regional and republican levels.
  3. Organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences and seminars.
  4. Forming connections of Historical and cultural center with mass media.
  5. Renewal and replenishment of exhibition fund of the museum.

The result of the department’s research activities is the publication of scientific articles, collections, and teaching aids.

The department organizes socio-political and cultural events dedicated to public holidays and other significant events in the life of the country and city.