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Independent Kazakhstan | Тұңғыш Президенттің тарихи-мәдени орталығы

Independent Kazakhstan

Independence for Kazakhstan is a symbol of a new era in the history of the nation, the manifestation of a solid foundation for stable development and prosperity of Kazakhstan. With the adoption of the first constitutional act «On the State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan», we told the world: on the historical arena comes a new sovereign State. And all the follow steps – the election of the Head of State, the adoption of national symbols and Constitution, the formation of the army, the introduction of the national currency and the construction of the new capital Astana – it is the great heritage of Kazakhs headed by their Leader N.A. Nazarbayev. Since independence, the country maintained a balanced public policy of the strengthening interethnic relations that are a solid basis for the peaceful coexistence of the people of Kazakhstan. The exposition allows to show all the achievements of Kazakhstan at the time of independence of the Republic.

Located in the center of the hall the model of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, executed on a scale of 1:1000. The model shows all the legendary architectural objects that form the face of the Kazakh capital: Ak Orda, Palace of Peace and Accord, Baiterek, memorial complex “Kazak Eli”, “Khan Shatyr” Shabyt Creativity Palace, Independence Square, Mosque of Hazret-Sultan and many others. On the central wall of the Hall hosts the mural. Its first half is devoted to the work biography of the Head of State, involving with Kazakhstan Magnitka. The second is the modern Kazakhstan, peaceful, strong, prosperous State.
The showcases are presented the most important attributes of statehood of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Flag, the Emblem, the Hymn; national currency – tenge of the first released; unique photos documenting events of the modern history of Kazakhstan.