Independent Kazakhstan

Independence for people of Kazakhstan is a symbol of new era in national history, solid foundation of sustainable development and prosperity of Kazakhstan. We declared that a new sovereign state was entering on historical arena with adoption of the first constitutional law on state independence of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since gaining independence, the country has been pursuing a balanced state policy of strengthening interethnic relations, which are a solid basis for the peaceful coexistence of the people of Kazakhstan.

The exposition of the hall allows to show all the achievements of Kazakhstan during the period of independence of the Republic.

A layout of Astana is in the center of the exhibition hall, made on scale of 1:1000. The layout presents all famous architectural objects that constitute a view of Kazakhstani capital – Ak Orda, Palace of Peace and Accord, Baiterek, memorial complex Qazaq Eli, Khan Shatyr, Palace of Creativity Shabyt, Independence square, Khazret Sultan mosque and many others.

Monumental painting is on the central wall of the hall. The first half is dedicated to labour biography of the First President, connected with Kazakhstan Magnitka. The second one is for modern Kazakhstan, a peaceful, strong, prosperous state.

The showcases present the most important attributes of the statehood of Republic of Kazakhstan – a flag, a coat of arms, an anthem, the national currency tenge of the first issue as well as unique photographs, depicting the events of the newest history of Kazakhstan.