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The Steel Profile of Kazakhstan | Тұңғыш Президенттің тарихи-мәдени орталығы

The Steel Profile of Kazakhstan

The industrial power of the State to a large extent determined by extent of metallurgical production. Metal needed by all sectors of the national economy: it made and plow farmer, and surgeon’s scalpel, and spaceships, and Homeland armour shield, writes in his book “Steel Profile of Kazakhstan” N.A. Nazarbayev. Today steel plant in Temirtau is the largest enterprise in the Republic with full metallurgical cycle. And decades later the work of the Kazakhstan Magnitka is under scrutiny of the First President. During the years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the company commissioned new mills and manufacturing, modernized old, the products of the steel mill is sold practically everywhere.

The exhibition hall reproduces the atmosphere of metallurgical production and gives visitors the opportunity to be as though inside the enterprise. In the center of the room, on the right side, is the model of the metallurgical plant, where all major corporate takeovers. Agglomerate and coke is downloaded into the blast furnace, where under the influence of high temperatures during the chemical reaction produces cast iron. Cast iron drain in buckets and transported to steelmaking. To get steel in converter downloaded scrap and liquid iron. Under the influence of oxygen and carbon burnout rapidly formed steel. Steel merge in crystallizer of continuous casting machine, get the slabs, which rolled in rolling shop until desired thickness. In the center of the hall, with the left hand, there are the models of slabs and finished rolled products, special work clothes of JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau.

In 2000, in the days of the 40th anniversary of the Kazakhstan Magnitka, Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the Jubilee cast iron smelting. In the display case there are the pictures of this event. The President wrote in the blast furnace jornal: “Reduce costs, increase volume, improve quality. Less sulfur and phosphorus”.