Ulystyn Uly Kuni (People’s Great Day)

The exhibition dedicated Nauryz meiramy
From 15 to 25, March in Historical and Cultural Center of First President will show the exhibition Ulystin Uly Kuni, dedicated to one of the greatest fests of antiquity – Nauryz. Exhibition consist from items of traditional Kazakh’s mode of life from museum fund of Center. The exhibition has prepared with participation Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore.
Nauryz is bound with beginning of Spring, beginning of Year, time of awakening of all surrounding world. Kazakh folk’s proverb goes that “If you pick a greens, you will wither away together with it”. Any greens are growing happiness and substance of life on the Earth. Therefore, Kazakh people attach greet importance to Birth of new life, new year.
Other name of celebration is Ulystyn Uly Kuni (People’s Great Day). In this day people of many ethnicities put on their traditional costumes and go to folk festivals. In this great day people should to forgive each other for all resentment and strive to friendship and agreement.