I am proud of my history

The exhibition dedicated to Grateful day with participation of ethnocultural centers of Temirtau
Gratitude day exist in different countries, and every country this date celebrates in a special way. This day has especial meaning for Kazakhstan. It is inseparable from Day of Unity Kazakhstan’s People, Day of memory of Victims of political repressions. This is tribute of Thanksgiving to Kazakh people for hospitality and tolerance, what has been manifested in hard time for people all ethnicities.

Kazakhstan characterized by great ethnic diversity, and culture of every people which live in that country is invaluable property. It is carefully transferred from generation to generation. Ethnic diversity is item of especial proud of Kazakh People.

Folk culture as consist part of culture appears in folk creation and art, everyday life and lifestyle, mythology, belief and legends. Concept “folk culture” has causal relationship with different common associations. In social consciousness there are many concepts and objects, what correlate with folk culture. This is art decorative items, traditional crafts, traditional costume, cuisine, principles of home environment and so on. In culture and language, they are presented in folk creation, folk art, traditions, legends, beliefs, songs and dances.

On exhibition “I am proud of my history” presented unique items of folk culture, provided by ethnocultural centers of Temirtau and Karaganda region. The exhibition includes photo exposition, which are narratives about activity of town’s ethnocultural centers and also books and periodicals on different languages.

“Kazakh people must unite all other peoples, who live in country. Kind and generous soul of Kazakh help him to live with his neighbors without enmity. It helps to keep unity of all Peoples in Kazakhstan. Kazakh people is responsible to all people, which live in our country. Nobody should to feel yourself disadvantaged because of language, religion and culture”.

N. A. Nazarbayev