“Image of Beauty” exhibition

From March, 2 to March 20, 2020 in the Historical and Cultural Center of the First President takes place new joint exhibition “Image of Beauty”. Participants of the exhibition became Multi-Disciplinary Humanitarian and Technical College and College of Engineering and Construction (Karaganda). Exhibition “Image of Beauty” dedicated to International Women’s Day, which became also Fest of Spring and Beauty for tradition.
This exhibition consists from painting, graphics incarnate women images different epochs and peoples. These works made in various techniques as oil and acrylic painting, ink and pencil drawings. Gallery of female faces completes wonderful landscapes, fantastical and fairytale personages, dramatic collisionsand plots. There are also items of decorative art like venetian masks, dolls in folk costumes, many various women’s jewelry made in different styles as beadwork, felt sewing, leather weaving and inlaid with natural stones. First impression of this exhibition is feeling of romance. But all these things make you think about Beauty as esthetic and philosophic category.
During all time of its existence Humanity see, feel and create Beauty. Creation reflects interrelation of Humanity with world of Nature, History, Culture. Creation is reincarnation of Personality freedom because it opens the best qualities of Human and help develop and transform the World.